About Us


An experienced team of software engineers have been in the industry for years with expertise of creating IT solutions for any kind of business.

Better lives, better Business, better world through our service.


To provide a pathway to success through professional, convenient and affordable service.

What ?

No matter what is your business we have the best solution for you. Your business may a small grocery shop or a supermarket, pharmacy, hardware, Restaurant, Hotel, textile or it can be private school, micro credit company etc.., SoftGravitas can customize the system to meet any requirement change. And also when you want to expand your business we will guide you to get the maximum benefit from the business from IT. Other than that we have unbelievable after service and support for our solutions.

Why ?


Satisfaction Guaranteed

At SoftGravitas we do not just customize systems to meet your requirements barely because it is what other people are doing, we put in the right systems that suit your business needs identifying your business from top to bottom. And we will customize the solution until client satisfied 100%.

Excellence in Service.

This is why clients love us. We provide the best of the best Services. We believe that IT is at the core of most operations. If staff members cannot access business critical applications, their emails, or even if printing is down, the company suffers. At SoftGravitas our knowledge, experience and expertise will keep you concentrating on what you do best.

Not just another IT company

At SoftGravitas we have consultants, engineers and a help desk team that will assist you in any way they can. We will have a specialist trained to your system’s needs to correctly deal with your business needs, and get to know you and your company. He will take the full responsibility for the security of your IT infrastructure.