Attendance Management System

attendance management system

Attendance Management System Solution in Sri Lanka

Tracking time and attendance is critical for all organizations, no matter its size or the methods used to determine employee pay. SoftgGravitas AMS is the best time and attendance tracking system in place can help organization across all industries save money and improve operations. SoftGravitas AMS also integrated with Basics of Human Resource Management System and Payroll system to simplify and streamline many functions within the organization.

SoftGravitas AMS Basic Functionality

  • Manage Multiple finger print machines
          You can have multiple finger print machine is various locations, so employees may leave and enter in multiple doors.
  • Access Through Network
          You don’t want to visit each and every finger print machine and plug USB drive to get Attendance data. Data can be download through the network.
  • Real Time Data
          You can view Real time attendance data through the system.
  • Employee Management
          Manage all the Employees from the system with essential reports.
  • Payroll
          SoftGravitas AMS is integrated with basics of payroll System. And also we can redesign the payroll structure according to your requirements.