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We Provide total security solutions using high quality and latest technology. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality POS Machines backed by excellent customer service. We ensure our customers are satisfied with the POS Machines and service that we provide.

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Intruder alarm systems

This is an automatic device for giving an alarm when a window, door, safe, etc., is opened or tampered with, as by a burglar. This wireless alarm system can be installed in your home on your own in under an hour and does not require a long-term commitment for a home monitoring service, though the service itself is inexpensive and offers great customer service.

Components of Burglar Alarm Systems

A basic burglar alarm, which may be either hard-wired or wireless, has three components:

  • Central control panel is alerted when detection devices are triggered, and will either sound the alarm or notify the monitoring service. This is also used to arm and disarm the alarm or to call police if an intruder enters the home.
  • Detection devices, when armed, sense any disturbance to their guard function. If disturbed, the device triggers the alarm, which notifies the monitoring service.
  • Alarm or siren sound when a detection device triggers the alarm. (This is not necessary with a monitoring service.)