POS System For Your Store

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Point Of Sale System In Sri Lanka

If you looking POS system for your Supermarket or Retail store , SoftGravitas is the right place for you. Whatever type of retail business you have SoftGravitas offers specialized customize POS system for you. Our POS system covers the most of required features for retail business. Rather than that If any requirement occurs SoftGravitas will customize the POS system until it satisfy the customer.

When you buy SoftGravitas POS system client will also get the best practices of retail industries as an extra, because SoftGravitas POS systems have been running in the industry for years and it uses the latest technologies in IT industry.

SoftGravitas POS Basic Functionality

  • User Privileges
          You can grant or remove user privileges customizing what they can access and what they can’t access
  • Item Management
          In SoftGravitas POS system you can manage your items without any limitations.
  • Stock Management
          You can stop worrying about stocks, because Softgravitas POS system integrated a comprehensive stock control module. And also with the complete reporting module with up to date report structures (ex. Non-moving, slow-moving and fast moving stocks)
  • Customer Management
          You can manage customers and their credit without any limitations, and also SoftGravitas POS includes perfect Reports for analyzing customers.
  • Supplier Management
          Managing Suppliers is no more with SoftGravitas POS. You can manage the supplier payments in no time.
  • Sales Management
          The SoftGravitas Sales Module offers an easiest and fastest ways of invoicing compare to the other POS Machines in the industry. And also best reports for analyzing sales.